Darüşşafaka Schools

Sciences Department

Goal of Sciences department is to raise individuals who can think analytically, who have good observation skills and access up-to-date knowledge, who can produce scientific projects, who can interpret scientific articles and technological developments, who can develop a universal point of view.

Physics: 9-10-11-12th grades
Chemistry: 9-10-11-12th grades
Biology: 9-10-11-12th grades
Health Education: 9th grades

Physics, chemistry and biology courses for 9th and 10th grades are all instructed in English. For purposes of supporting experimental studies, at least one lesson is taught in laboratories. We have two physics laboratories, one chemistry laboratory, one biology laboratory and one genetics laboratory in high school. There is also a laboratory teacher whose main responsibility is to prepare experiments and cooperate with the teacher make the experiment. Some of the lessons in all levels are taught in TGGM and Samsung tablet classrooms.


Specific purpose of Sciences department is to ensure that students are interested in science and technology topics, they follow up-to-date scientific developments and students are inquirers and researchers. As part of sciences, students can conduct experiments using scientific research steps and they develop their inquiry skills. They comprehend scientific vocabulary and use terminology in a context. They also raise awareness about importance and protection of natural environment. To ensure permanent learning, outcomes of courses are linked to daily life issues.

In Sciences department, we use “active learning” method. This method does not only transfer knowledge but also aims to develop cooperation skills, debate skills and social relationship of students. Question-answer, project, laboratory, in-class experimental models, school trips-observation, lecturing, problem-solving, drama (role play) are among the method used by science teachers in our department.

It is the main responsibility of students to complete their daily/weekly assignments on time and properly. All assignments of students are monitored using homework schedule.

Mock exams, achievement levels and exam results of students are analyzed. Every student’s progress is monitored individually and recorded. Regular meetings are held to discuss about students and to take necessary precautions. Feedback is also given to meet the needs of students

English resources for high school physics, chemistry and biology classes, MEB (National Ministry of Education) textbooks, question books, tests, teacher notes and educational technologies in all levels are used.

In high school in physics, chemistry, biology and health education classes; two written exams and 2 performance assignments in one term and 1 project assignment grade are given in a year for every level. There is also an extra exam for students who failed sciences or for the ones who want to rewrite the exam. Class averages which are stated in Darüşşafaka Regulations will apply to pass.

We participate in FRC Robot Tournament organized in the States.
We host FRC Kickoff
We participate in FRC Offseason
We host 3D Yazıcı Atölyesi (3D Printer Workshop) and Yarışması (Competition)
We participate in TUBITAK, and other national and international competitions.
We participate in active experiment competitions
We conduct researches and projects which are INTEL and STEM based.
We participate in Turkey Innovation Week activities and projects.
We also participate in and give presentation for conferences such as Autumn Teachers Symposium, Technology in Education Platform and Best Practices in Education Conference.