Darüşşafaka Schools



Darüşşafaka Schools aim to become one of the most respected and best schools both in Turkey and the world that raise talented children with limited financial means.

To raise leaders who are life-long learners, modern, self-confident, and responsible for the society by providing equal opportunity in education.


-We are committed to the principles of Ataturk

-We respect other people and our environment

-We are innovative and we adopt modern developments in all stages of education

-We take responsibility and initiative

-We are inquirers and we express our views and opinions freely

-We are democratic, honest, trustworthy, and fair

-We adhere to ethical values and make these values live

-We are aware of social life rules and we adapt ourselves to the rules

-We strive for being the best, and we do the best


-Take pride in our corporate and historical identity

-Become a member of one of Turkey’s most respected families

-Work together sharing, helping and supporting each other

-Experience joy and sorrow together

-Become role-models for their younger sisters and brothers
-Give emotional and financial support

-Protect the future of Darüşşafaka

-They recognize their abilities and use every opportunity wisely

-They have qualifications necessary to work everywhere in the world

-They have high level written and oral expression skills both in Turkish and at least one foreign language

-They take responsibility and initiative

-They show respect for society and nature

-They set goals

-They inquire and express their opinions and views freely

-They participate in scientific researches

-They are self-confident

-They have Darüşşafaka spirit and they reflect it

-They protect their health

-They use time efficiently

-They are leaders of their lives

-They are honest, trustworthy and fair


-They become role-models for their students

-They are competent, efficient and leaders.

-They are open to new ideas

-They are life-long learners

-They are open to criticism

-They adopt community consciousness

-They have intellectual capacity

-They are trustworthy and fair

-They have high level verbal and written communication skills both in Turkish and at least one foreign language

-They follow the latest developments in information technology and use them

-They protect their health

-They have strong communication skills

-They internalize Darüşşafaka spirit, culture and philosophy and transfer them to new generations