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2016-2017 academic Year

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Social Activities at Darüşşafaka Schools

Darüşşafaka Schools aim to help students get to know their abilities and skills in various fields such as arts, culture, sciences and sports; to enrich their lives and in so doing gain new perspectives through social and cultural activities. It also aims to support students to become well-disciplined individuals and teach them to study systematically while setting achievable objectives. This aim transfers two fundamental education values which are “school is our sweet home” and “educating the whole person: holistic education” into the daily lives of the students.

Clubs at Darüşşafaka are designed taking interests of students into consideration. There are various options in fields of sports, arts, culture and sciences and we have 58 student clubs in our school. Teachers who are in charge of clubs are also specialist teachers. At Darüşşafaka we attach great importance on carrying on club activities to meet club objectives..Students are guided individually while choosing their clubs and whenever they need help throughout the year.

How it works

At Darüşşafaka we do clubs after school on Tuesdays in middle school, on Thursdays in high school at 15:30-16:50.

For one academic year, students sign up for a club which they will attend throughout the year. We aim to offer each student with a club based on their interest. However, due to quota restrictions, students may not have the chance to attend the club which interests them most. In such cases we use the option of drawing. Students are supposed to make three preferences in club participation form.

As soon as lists are finalized, drop-out from clubs is only allowed with a health report approved by a doctor or other valid excuses approved by Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department.

If there is not enough number of students for one club, it may not be possible to run the club. In such circumstances, students will sign up for a club in their second or third preference.


Tulay Kececi

Activity Coordinator