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Darüşşafaka Schools library has a rich and unique collection for users of middle school, high school and other groups. The library has a collection over 25,000 printed books, and 10.000 electronic books. It also subscribes to 40 periodicals and 5 daily newspapers.

The library with a reading space for 48 people, 2 group study halls, 1 teacher resources and study room, internet access area with 8 computers, a recreational (such as newspapers and magazines) space for 19 people has 503m² of school building. There are 14 networked computers in the library. The library has 103 seating capacity in total for reading activities. Library collections could be listed as the following:

Reference Collection, General Collection, İş Bank Kültür Publishing Collection, Darüşşafaka Collection, Teacher References Collection, Foreign Languages Reading Books Collection, Children Book Collection and Periodicals. In the library, there is also a writing center which helps students develop their writing skills and a translation office

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ELECTRONIC RESOURCES (E-book, e-magazine … etc.)

EBSCO database package

Ultra Online package


Exploria http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=secondary

HiperKitap: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=e011xww

TÜBİTAK-ULAKBİLİM national database

ERIC – Education Resources Information Center

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MAS Ultra-School Edition

Newspaper Source

Professional Development Collection

TOPIC Search

-Points of Views Reference Center


-English Language Learner Reference Center (ELL Reference Center)


BRITANNICA SCHOOL (Online Encylopedia and Cotent Portal)



Britannica Image Quest 


Britannica Pathways: Science


Britannica World Data Analyst


Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary


World Book Online





Library staff:

Contact info:

Saadettin TEMEL- Librarian- saadettin.temel@darussafaka.net

Serdar ALAN-Librarian- serdar.alan@darussafaka.net

Library: +90 212 939 28 00 / 2138

Books storehouse: +90 212 939 28 00 / 2188

E-mail: kutuphane@darussafaka.net

Web:  http://www.darussafaka.k12.tr/kutuphane/

During the academic year, the library is open from Monday to Friday 08:00-19:00 and Saturday-Sunday: 12:00-17:00. During the summer recess, it is open only on weekdays 09:00-16:00.


  1. Silence shall be maintained as far as possible in the library
  2. Eating or drinking is not allowed anywhere in the library.
  3. Resources should be left neatly on the tables provided, do not place the resources taken from the shelves.
  4. Computers and internet in the library must be used for academic-related purposes only.
  5. During class time, students are allowed to use the library with their teachers. However, they must have a note from their teacher to use the library outside of class time. They should follow library working hours for any individual study.
  6. The borrower holds the responsibility for the materials borrowed, a book may not be passed on to another reader. All loss or damage must be made good by the borrower.
  7. A user’s borrowing rights shall be forfeited where the former fails to return a borrowed item on the due date or to pay for the cost of the materials that he or she has lost or has inflicted damage. The user shall be reinstated to his or her rights upon payment of the damages or for losses caused.
  8. Students should be tidy with library.
  9. Personal belongings of students are not allowed in the library, they must not leave them in the library and they must not reserve any seat for their belongings.
  10. Books may be borrowed / taken out of the library as long as it is checked out by the librarians. Otherwise is not allowed.
  11. All books and materials must be returned to the library two weeks before the end of academic year.
  12. Reference resources (such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlas and maps etc) cannot be checked out from the library. However you are welcome to scan or photocopy in the library. There are both photo copiers and scanners in the library.

Lending rules

Darüşşafaka Foundation staff, teachers, students and other staff in the school are entitled to use the library. Users must present their identity card to the staff whenever they wish to borrow material from the library.

Borrowing works from the library collection is possible for students who are enrolled as students of Darüşşafaka Schools.

The Borrowing rights for users

Statue Length of time to borrow Renewing right The number of material to be borrowed
Student-Teacher- Other staff 30 days 2 times 5


  • Due date stamps of the books are available at the back page of the book.
  • No new items shall be lent to users who have failed to return material which they have borrowed from the library.


Users are entitled to renew items for the same period of time twice provided that the particular item has not been placed on hold by another user. The renewal of library materials must be done by the relevant user in the last five days of due date.

Library Notices

It is the responsibility of users to ensure that they have a valid e-mail address at which they may receive messages that the Library sends out including general announcements, and return and overdue reminders.

-Kitapcan Project Student Information Entry Form