Darüşşafaka Schools

Middle School Principal

Greetings from the Middle School Principal

Dear Darüşşafaka Society,

We start a new academic year by remembering at any time that we shoulder responsibility for the sake of humanity as an educational institution, as an educator and as a family.
Whatever may come while we bear the huge responsibility and fulfill our responsibilities, we believe that our primary goal is to protect and improve our core values for the good of humanity. Our core values are:


These core values together with our students who were grown up adopting these values since 1863 is the heritage that we aim to preserve and improve as the institution. Darüşşafaka believes in its 154-year old history, its graduates and future potential students. Our goal is to make our students ready for the 21st century and to raise knowledgeable students, improve their abilities and to raise students who are aware of their responsibilities towards our people and country, who are free thinkers and creative. We are continuously working hard in order to meet the goal. Our mission “lives changed through education” motivates us to work hard.

Ahmet Rasim’s speech addressed to Darüşşafaka family serves as the summary of our educational journey: “ When the day comes when students leave this great green gate your eyes which are now full of tears, because you think that you’ve left them, will be full of proud.”

As educators, we start a new academic year by taking students from “the great green gate” with the intent of waving our students a proud goodbye from “the great green gate”.

Hope to have a good, successful, and a happy academic year in which we could create the difference


Darüşşafaka Schools Middle School Principal