Darüşşafaka Schools

Psychological Counseling and Guidance

The aim of psychological counseling and guidance services in our school is to support student development. Considering their characteristics, psycho-social development, talents and interests, we ensure that students grow up adopting universal values and they become strong, successful and happy individuals.


-Psychological counseling and guidance services are provided in the context of total educational activities.

– Psychological counseling and guidance services are open to each and every student in school

-Students have the option of selecting among the options offered to them

-Respect for human is of central importance for psychological counseling and guidance services

-Individual confidentiality is an essential part of psychological counseling and guidance services

-Psychological counseling and guidance service is carried out with the cooperation of students, specialist, parents, teachers, admin team or other relevant people.

-Respect for individual differences is an essential part of psychological counseling and guidance services.

-Responsibility for the individual and society is an essential part of psychological counseling and guidance services

-Being scientific is fundamental for psychological counseling and guidance services

Tests, surveys and inventories used for individual and group psychological services are performed handling ethical issues sensitively. The results of tests, surveys and inventories are shared with respective teacher, student, parents and administrators and results are evaluated.

As well as developmental and preventive meetings; personal, social goals and professional goals are also created in the beginning of the academic year. Academic achievement and psycho-social development is monitored during the academic year to ensure that students reach these goals.

Oral and written resources are followed, support of a psychiatrist is asked, experience and knowledge of professionals are used.

Need based tests, surveys, inventories and scales are used, evaluated and results are reported and shared with students, parents and administrators.

-Our department provides guidance and support to class teachers in accordance with MEB (National Ministry of Education) Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services Regulation. All activities planned in order to support academic, psycho-social and career development of students in all levels are organized to be carried out in counseling hours.

– Our department conducts individual interviews with students and parents to know students better and to collect information about their development in the beginning of the academic year.

-Psychological, academic and social developments of our students are monitored during the academic year; necessary precautions are taken as part of preventive counseling and specialist guidance is provided if necessary.

-Individual psychological counseling and student, teacher, dorm-teacher, teacher group activities are carried out.

-Parent group works and parent conferences are organized.

-We have “Values Program” in order to raise individuals who adopt universal values

-We organize seminars; publish e-bulletins, bulletins periodically in order to inform students, parents, teachers and other employees on topics which they might need support

-We give our students university selection guidance

-We plan and implement advisor teacher program to plan and monitor preparations of students for university entrance exam.

-We organize career days to give our students opportunities to know more about different areas of profession and help students choose their professions. Faculty staffs of various universities and professionals in different lines of business are invited to school to give speeches. Thus students know more about different professions which is an important step of career plans.

-We organize school trips to various universities so that students experience university life and know about the universities.

-We support school student council activities.

-In order to follow the recent updates in this area and to share what we do in our school, we participate in various symposiums, conferences and seminars. It is our professional liability to share experience and findings with colleagues. To this end, we give oral and written announcements in various conferences and seminars annually.

-We are assigned duties for Darüşşafaka Exam which is given every year and also participate in Darüşşafaka introductory meetings which are held all across Turkey.