Darüşşafaka Schools

Social Studies

The aim of Social Studies department of Darüşşafaka Schools from 5th grade to 12th grade is to raise individuals who have adopted the principles and revolutions of Atatürk, who are modern, secular, and democrat, who are equipped with national and international values and who protect these values, who are inquirers, active in their social lives, productive and aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Darüşşafaka Schools offer History in 9th and 10th grades; History of Republic of Turkey and Kemalism and Citizenship in 11th grades; Modern Turkish and World Literature in 12th grades; Geography in 9-10-11-12th grades; Philosophy in 11th grades, Philosophy (Philosophy, Psychology, Logic) in 12th grades; Religion in all levels.

We aim to raise individuals who grasp the role of social studies in developing identity and who think about shaping the future consciously, who are equipped with human, economic, historical, cultural and philosophical values; who consider world problems thoroughly; who create scientific data using scientific research steps and who access information, who can transfer learning to new situations, who are open to knowledge and experiences.

In our department we teach through Lecturing, question-answer, drama, presentations, plays, worksheets, supplementary materials and activities as part of constructive and student-focused education. We give short unit evaluation exams at the end of every unit with the aim of assessing what students have learned and to ensure that students get used to test techniques. The aim of Darüşşaka Social Studies Department is to make sure that students obtain information through research-based, evidence based education and at the same time we aim to develop and assess the skills of understanding of students and their use of knowledge.

We incorporate summative and formative assessment into the content of social studies.  These also give students opportunities to cooperate through group work which concurrently improves skills such as taking responsibility and belonging to a group. Additionally we use written, visual and audio materials to catch students’ attention to pave the way for multi dimensional learning.

Students are given weekly or daily homework at Darüşşafaka Schools. Written homework and activities are mostly carried out. Some of these assignments are group work activities.

Homework and assignments are checked regularly to ensure that students are fully prepared for the next lessons. Activities are carried out.


MEB (National Ministry of Education) course book, supplementary materials, test books, reading books, periodicals (selected according to the content of the lesson), maps, atlases, magazines, articles, films and videos.

Summative assessment is used by giving our students homework and performance assignments. For summative assessment, two written exams are given and at least one performance assignment for each course is given. Performance assignments are given according to factors such as the quality of daily and weekly homework, student participation etc. Considering knowledge, skills and talents of students, assessment is a holistic process at Darüşşafaka.

Darüşşafaka Schools attach importance to active participation of students in social and scientific life to ensure that they develop their knowledge and skills. To this end, students and teachers participate in activities, workshops, symposiums both in Istanbul and other cities. Students participate in TUBITAK project competitions for high school students, Philosophy Day, school trips and different activities organized by other schools.