Darüşşafaka Schools

Turkish Language And Literature

Goal of the department is to raise individuals who can analyze, understand and interpret texts according to the features of the period they were produced; who can analyze and interpret literary texts in terms of structure, theme, language and expression, meaning and traditions; who can compare and contrast similar and different texts and make deductions.


In high school we have Turkish Language and Literature, Turkish language and language and expression courses. In 9th grades Turkish Literature courses, students are introduced to works from different time frames and have a chance to analyze arts, literature, language and society relationship. In 10-11-12th grades students know more about Turkish literature from the very beginning through text reading and analyzing.


In Language and Expression courses of high school, our program focuses on Turkish language rules, characteristics, genres and giving students a chance to produce their own work in the light of this information.

Specific goal of the department is to ensure that students feel aesthetic pleasure through literary texts, know more about their culture and opinions historically, decide their literary interests and consider how these are expressed in literary texts. We wish students to ensure that they are equipped with knowledge and skills in order to transfer from local contexts to global contexts.

Each one of the students participates in learning process through projects assignments. Students can naturally speak a language, however they improve their speaking skills and later on they produce works to improve their skills much better and also in doing so they can find out about their literary interests.

Thanks to “Creative Writing” project, students complete reading a total of at least 10 books from Turkish and world literature in a year. Students present their studies about reading books to their peers.

Students participate in competitions all across Turkey and the world. We prepare intensive study programs to ensure higher achievement in university placement exams.  We organize trips for exhibitions, theatres, conferences etc with the aim of giving students an opportunity to take the advantage of cultural life of Istanbul. Additionally we invite guest speakers to our school.

We give assignments to ensure that they enhance student learning, improve their written and oral expression skills, interpretation and skills of generating ideas. Among these there are weekly, monthly or term homework such as producing a work in different literary genres, research, presentation, answering questions which have been prepared to enhance learning, writing critical and comparative essay about reading books.

Assignments and homework are checked, assessed, recorded by teachers and students are given regular feedback about their assignments.

Textbooks of National Ministry of Education (MEB), ten literary works from world literature and Turkish literature, worksheets prepared by single subject teachers, internet.

In every academic term, two written exams are given. Two performance assignments grades are given for every course.

Projects/term assignments, in-class performance assignments, rubrics, participation in socio-cultural activities and competitions are all part of assessment criteria.

As a department, we publish arts and literature magazine once a year. Poem performances are held annually. We organize “Hişt Hişt, Young Sait Faik!” short story competition for high school students for all students across Turkey We publish story anthology for short story competition and memory collection for writing articles competition. We organize award ceremonies for both competitions. We also organize interviews with the authors of the books that our students have read.