Darüşşafaka Schools

High School Principal

Greetings from the High School Principal


Darüşşafaka Schools have a 155-year old history with very special memories, matchless sense of loyalty and deep-rooted traditions. On the one hand Darüşşafaka Schools embrace the continuously changing world and on the other hand, it continues to become one of the unique institutions which blend changes with traditions.

We build our educational program which consists of “Academic Program, Culture and Life Experience, Social and Emotional Development” on six core values. I want to thank our educators and administrators who become good models for our students to grow up as “responsible, honest, respectful, productive, tolerant” people who have awareness.

As well as its strong academic program and distinguished academic staff, Darüşşafaka Schools boost achievement more and more every year in line with its fundamental principles thanks to its varied social activities and school clubs such as Entrepreneurship, FRC Robotics Club, MUN, 3D Design, Financial Literacy, Astronomy, Makers, ESU, World Scholar’s Cup, Stem, Drama, and Chess Club.

Our students have a good command of science, knowledge and technology. We are very proud of new achievements of our students day after day. Our school raises students who are questioning; who are free thinkers, who are visionary, secular people and leaders. We move on by adopting both national and international values and embracing the differences.

Hope to have a good, healthy, happy and efficient academic year.


Ayşe Görey
Darüşşafaka Schools High School Principal