Principles of Education

Principles of Education

Darüşşafaka Educational Institutions was established in 1873 and was the first Turkish private school to be opened by a charity organization. Darüşşafaka provides students, whose fathers and/or mothers are deceased and who lack financial means, with a full-scholarship, multi-lingual, full boarding education, from grade four until graduation from High School.

As a non-governmental organization, all of the financial need related to Darüşşafaka’s operational expenses, including student education, is met by donors who sympathize with the school’s mission and give generously to the Darüşşafaka Foundation.

With its unique mandate, Darüşşafaka stands out as one of the best educational institutions of Turkey, where students benefit from outstanding academic and social opportunities.

In addition to English, students start learning a second foreign language– either German or French–in the sixth grade.

True to Atatürk’s equal-opportunity principles of education, Darüşşafaka aims to cultivate self-confident leaders who are life-long learners, and responsible citizens of not only the Turkish Republic, but also the world at-large.

Darüşşafaka presently offers education to over 900 students.